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With the significant contribution of NComputing’s L300 virtual desktop device, Esenler Municipality, based in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, now has its first digital library. Deployed by Ertugrul Gunay, Minister of Culture and Tourism, the library includes over 7,500 digital books, of which 2,500 are audio books designed for people who are visually impaired.


Doncasters Group is a world leader in integrated precision engineering, and was originally founded in 1778. The company now operates from sites in the UK, Continental Europe, USA, China and Mexico. Their client base is genuinely global and comprises most of the industry leaders in its relevant areas of activity. The group currently employs around 5,000 members of staff worldwide. The company possesses many unique industry leading technological and manufacturing skills that are very highly regarded by their customer base.



Mit viel Erfahrung und großem Erfolg betreut die Weiterbildungsakademie gGmbH Dresden (WAD) seit 20 Jahren Schüler von der Bewerbung über die medizinische und kaufmännische Ausbildung bis hin zum Berufseinstieg. Sie vermittelt jährlich über 500 Schülern soziale und fachliche Kompetenzen und verfolgt das Ziel, eine stetig hohe Jobvermittlungsquote bei seinen Absolventen zu erreichen. Am Medizinischen Fortbildungszentrum der WAD qualifizieren sich pro Jahr rund 3000 Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten sowie Angehörige anderer medizinisch-therapeutischer Berufe weiter.


About WAD

Since 20 years Weiterbildungsakademie gGmbH Dresden (WAD) successfully coaches students from the application process through medical and commercial education to to their career entry. Every year WAD teaches 500 students social and professional skills with the goal of a high job placement rate for their graduates. At the medical school 3000 physical and occupational therapists as well as other medical professionals and therapists get educated.


Macher Engineering and Electronics Company was founded in 1991 in the Hungarian city of Szekesfehervar as a green investment project in the form of a joint German – Hungarian partnership.

NComputing’s Distributor in Hungary, Alphasonic interviewed Peter Macher, IT Manager. They were treated to a tour of Macher’s operations and an account of why they chose, and how they are benefiting from NComputing’s vSpace Desktop Virtualisation solution.


Située à Norwich en Angleterre, l’école primaire Horsford compte plus de 200 élèves. Les enseignants et responsables de cette école s’efforcent de mettre à la disposition des élèves les connaissances et les compétences leur permettant de saisir les opportunités et de réussir dans un environnement mondialisé où les technologies de l’information sont en passe de devenir un élément clé du système éducatif.


Horsford Junior School duplica considerablemente el acceso a ordenadores y al mismo tiempo ahorra dinero

Horsford Junior School es una escuela de primaria con más de 200 alumnos en Norwich, Norfolk. Sus profesores y administradores están comprometidos en ofrecer el conocimiento y cualidades esenciales que permitirán a los alumnos beneficiarse al completo de todas las oportunidades que se les presenten y que puedan triunfar en un mundo global y diverso, donde la tecnología de la información se está convirtiendo en un componente fundamental de la educación.