MACHER puts vSpace and the L300 to the test.



Macher Engineering and Electronics Company was founded in 1991 in the Hungarian city of Szekesfehervar as a green investment project in the form of a joint German – Hungarian partnership.

NComputing’s Distributor in Hungary, Alphasonic interviewed Peter Macher, IT Manager. They were treated to a tour of Macher’s operations and an account of why they chose, and how they are benefiting from NComputing’s vSpace Desktop Virtualisation solution.

MACHER Engineering and Electronics Company

MACHER: Our production facility, has a floor space area of 21,500 square feet. We are known and recognized in the specialty industrial electronics field both in Hungary and in Western Europe.

Q: Dear Peter, it is a pleasure to be here today and to find out more about your relationship with NComputing. Would you please say a few words about your company?

A: The company manufactures speciality industrial electronics. Macher have a focus on quality and innovation and have won a number of National Quality Awards.

Q: How many employees does your company currently have?

A: Right now, we work with 90 employees, going full tilt. Of this number, about 20 people are in non-production positions, while approximately 70 people participate in the productive workflow.

Q: How did you encounter NComputing and Alphasonic, Ltd.?

A: I attended Alphasonic’s Expo where NComputing’s vSpace Solution was presented and demonstrated. The possibilities and advantages of the NComputing solution were plain to see so we began using them at the beginning of 2011.

At the end of 2011, we migrated to the 2008 Windows server platform and NComputing’s vSpace Solution with L300s. This proved to be the solution we had been seeking for such a long time.

Q: What problems did you have before deploying the NComputing solution?

A: We needed innovation because we had a bad functioning and outdated system. We were looking for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solution. We also wanted to get our software licensing in order, hopefully in a cost-effective way.

We were about to implement and be audited under the AS 9100 standard where data safety plays a key role. Our customer data had to be perfectly safe! We had to ensure data storage on the one hand, and prevent data theft on the other. Our information technology system completed this audit with no error points!

One of the issues with the old system had been the fact that individual workstations were very difficult to move, and whenever the company hired a new employee, a new work space had to be created which was a rather costly proposition.

Q: What benefits are you seeing since deploying the NComputing solution?

A: So, as we speak, we have brought mobility to the offices. Our colleagues are able to work outside company walls with the same programs and data they work with onsite.

In the old setup, we had a lot of moving components subject to wear and tear, whereas now all we need is the NComputing L300 and one keyboard-mouse-monitor combo.

NComputing offers an excellent solution: At last, our offices are no longer loud places, something that had disturbed employees in the past.

I requested pricing information on similar solutions from many companies, but none of them were nearly as advantageous as the terms offered by NComputing.

Q: Where is the NComputing solution deployed? What other advantages have you found?

A: Right now, we are using NComputing’s vSpace solution in every department.

The L300’s are easy to use, that’s why we love them. They are energy-saving, there are not too many cables at our work stations, and our costs of creating and maintaining a work station have been cut roughly in half.

Making the life of our system administrator easier had not been a particular goal, but it is a fact that controlling the system has become better, simpler, and faster. We can easily manage things even remotely, and this way maintenance is also easy as pie. And finally, the whole thing is transparent.

Q: Would you recommend NComputing to others?

A: I already have! Many are interested in this solution, especially when we tell them how we are using them, to what a great extent and in what a cost-effective way and that they have solved all the problems we had. I think this is definitely the future.

We always wanted to stay flexible, and in information technology we are always finding tools that ease everyday tasks and offer innovative solutions. This is another reason we are so satisfied with NComputing. It is a very modern system that will continue to attract attention from many quarters.

Q: Thank you so much for your time and for sharing all this with us. We wish you continued success and development!

A: And we thank you for this opportunity!

The Challenges
  • Out-dated PCs which were difficult to set up and maintain
  • PCs were power hungry and caused a poor working environment with noise and heat
  • Security of customer data was paramount
  • Budget constraints
  • Mobility requirements
The Solution
  • NComputing’s vSpace Solution
  • L300’s in all departments
The Benefits
  • Employees have remote access to applications and company data any time, everywhere
  • Office environment now quiet and cool
  • Customer and company data is stored centrally and securely
  • Costs to create and maintain a new workspace are reduced by 50%
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

“With NComputing, we completed the audit with no error points.”

- Peter Macher

The NComputing product used by Macher, Ltd. is the L300 thin client.

The L300 is a cost-effective solution for running office applications. It does not require the linkup of several computers that would consume power many times over what the client’s actual energy needs are.

It’s the best solution for setting up Internet cafés or school instruction labs. It provides easy sharing among devices.

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