Leveraging new technology is a key competitive edge in manufacturing. Legacy systems and outdated computers are quickly replaced to drive increased productivity from the company office to the factory floor. Fleetwood Industries, a furniture manufacturer based in Holland, Michigan, was typical in that it still had old ‘green screens’ and an outdated network that could only run limited manufacturing applications.


“Los clientes de NComputing optimizados para Citrix HDX ofrecen una solución simplificada para obtener ahorros substanciales a mediano y largo plazo.”


Doncasters Group is a world leader in integrated precision engineering, and was originally founded in 1778. The company now operates from sites in the UK, Continental Europe, USA, China and Mexico. Their client base is genuinely global and comprises most of the industry leaders in its relevant areas of activity. The group currently employs around 5,000 members of staff worldwide. The company possesses many unique industry leading technological and manufacturing skills that are very highly regarded by their customer base.


SBI International Holdings es una multinacional constructora con casa matriz en Israel. Su sede en Centroamérica está en ciudad de Guatemala, desde donde realizan operaciones para El Salvador, Honduras y Belize. La compañía tiene a cargo actualmente la construcción de la carretera más grande de Guatemala: la Transversal del Norte, con 337 Km de largo, que atraviesa el país y que será completada al finalizar noviembre de 2013.


A SBI International Holdings é uma empreiteira multinacional sediada em Israel. Sua sede na América Central é localizada na Cidade da Guatemala, e dessa cidade a empresa conduz operações em El Salvador, Honduras e Belize. Na atualidade, a SBI é responsável pela construção da maior estrada da Guatemala: a Transversal del Norte, que cruza o país de fora a fora através de 337 quilômetros. A obra será concluída no fim de novembro de 2013.


SBI International Holdings is a multinational construction company headquartered in Israel. Its base in Central America is in Guatemala City, from which it carries out operations in El Salvador, Honduras and Belize. The company is currently responsible for the construction of the largest highway in Guatemala: La Transversal del Norte, 337 kilometers in length, which spans the country and will be completed at the end of November, 2013.