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New Breed HDX Ready SoC Thin Clients - Customer Use-Cases Enable Citrix & Citrix Partners to Virtual Desktop Market Share


2012 is turning out to be a year in which we ran a marathon like a 5K. Or so it seems when looking back on the success we experienced at the Citrix Synergy event in Barcelona this month. It’s remarkable how far we’ve come so quickly since launching the N-series at Synergy in San Francisco in May.

The wealth and velocity of N-series customer deployments and the numerous use cases that we were able to talk to and demo live at Synergy in Barcelona powerfully communicated exactly how N-series has leapt from the starting gate since it was launched less than six short months ago.

It was incredibly important that we came to Barcelona with the complete range of N-series products that are now available and show the impact they can have in real world use-cases. Indeed the feedback from the channel and customers was a focused desire to hear about implementations rather than functionality updates from thin client vendors. This reflects how the tide is turning for enterprise-wide endpoint replacement and renewal strategies.

The thin client market needs to evolve to meet this shift and show how the technology addresses specific use case and vertical application functionality - whether for task or knowledge workers. That’s why it was so exciting to work with Imprivata on a single-sign-on demonstration that leveraged our HDX Ready SoC platform to provide flexible but secure information access essential for healthcare workflow virtual desktop computing.  With this integration, healthcare providers can now leverage “tap-in, tap-out, tap-over” functionality using the NComputing N-series thin clients, roaming securely between desktop locations, and accessing key user-specific applications and data in seconds using an electronic ID badge rather than error-prone and time consuming keyboard entry and mouse-clicks. Technology alliances like this will become an integral feature of how we continue to play a key role in enabling customized real world solutions around our own technology during the remainder of 2012 and on into next year.

Barcelona was also where we debuted in Europe as the leading independent vendor of thin clients.  Response from the channel was that this was key to building solutions for clients. Partners are looking to move fast on the wave of PC replacement deals in the pipeline.  Our focus on thin clients gives us the agility to be responsive without distraction.  The N-series itself hits a sweet-spot – it combines new levels of value with high performance – while also simplifying how thin clients can be used as a substitute for PCs and other less-capable thin clients in a much wider, richer variety of applications.

These Citrix channel partnerships will be pivotal to our ongoing success both now and in 2013 as demonstrated by the great wins we were already able to talk about during Synergy. In fact each one of these successful deployments illustrated how much our future growth can be propelled by the quality of our partner relationships - combining their targeted strengths and insights for specific regions and vertical applications with the unique competitiveness and next-generation flexibility of the N-series thin client family of HDX Ready SoC devices.


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