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Mobility and Anytime, Anywhere Access


Desktop virtualization has the potential to give users and IT the win-win that they both want. Users get the freedom of working from anywhere with their preferred devices, and IT gets the standardization of a single version of their preferred operating system, desktop and applications, in addition to centralized, simplified management.

Although users and IT have different technology perspectives, their goals are complementary:

  • Users want to be more productive, they want more flexibility in where they work and the devices they work on, and they want easier access to the organization’s applications and resources. They’re looking for mobility, anywhere access and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities.
  • IT wants users to have mobility and access, but when they look at that wishlist, they think about their own priorities: reducing costs, simplifying deployment, managing equipment and maintaining standards as the app and device landscape keeps changing.

Many organizations have used desktop virtualization as a way of extending the lives of older PCs or increasing the capabilities of legacy hardware. Now they’re discovering that the technology goes far beyond those traditional uses and offers real value in delivering mobility, anywhere access and BYOD.

That is why organizations of all kinds – manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, and small-to-medium businesses (SMB) – have turned to desktop virtualization for the mobility, anywhere access and BYOD solutions they need to keep users and IT empowered and productive.


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