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Another Big Step Forward for NComputing and the vSpace® Virtualization Platform


As you may recall, we made several announcements at the beginning of December 2012 focusing on advancements in the area of our vSpace Desktop and Application Virtualization software platform.

Our vSpace virtualization software delivers Windows and Linux desktops and apps to more than 4 million thin client devices and is used by over 20 million people around the world on a daily basis. It is also the engine that delivers the same modern virtualized desktop and application experience to any Windows-based devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, and older PCs) running our vSpace Client for Windows software. 

Today vSpace Server 7.0, vSpace Management Center 3.2.1 and new Software Support and Subscription offerings for vSpace are all now available in production versions.

vSpace Server 6.X customers are automatically eligible to receive and deploy vSpace Server 7.0 at no additional cost for this upgrade. vSpace Management Center 3.2.1, delivers a powerful and easy to use web-based centralized management solution that now supports vSpace environments and adds tremendous functionality beyond NC Console. Recognizing the need for different levels of support, and designed to help our customers get the most out of these two new software advancements – both initially and for the longer-term, we are also now offering a new set of Software Support and Subscription packages.

Here are some details on all Three:

vSpace Server 7.0 for Windows –This latest release adds many new features, including the ability to manage multiple vSpace Server environments from a single vSpace Management Center interface (NOTE: vSpace Management Center for vSpace is also new). This release enables a richer user experience by incorporating significant performance improvements for USB-based peripherals as well as support for isochronous devices such as web-cams. Also included in this release is the ability to directly access and manage secure smart cards being used in conjunction with NComputing L-series and M-series thin client devices connected to vSpace Server powered virtualization environments.

vSpace Management Center 3.2.1 for vSpace Environments – For organizations deploying NComputing thin client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0, vSpace Management Center delivers a highly scalable, flexible and easy to use single point of device management. A web-based console lets IT administrators manage L300 and M300 devices and vSpace Server 7.0 instances from anywhere, anytime, reducing the overhead needed to maintain and control an environment, regardless of the size, location or number of deployment sites.

vSpace Standard and Premium Software Support and Subscription Programs – Extending the basic one year support included in all NComputing products;, new Standard and Premium support programs are now available for vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center. Each of the new packages offer enhanced levels of access to software upgrades and NComputing support. The Standard Support package provides access to software upgrades and unlimited email or phone support during local business hours.  For customers with complex environments or who need NComputing support always on hand, the Premium Support package delivers regular software upgrades, enhanced response times, and access to NComputing support 24x7x365.

We are constantly innovating for our vSpace virtualization platform, and the product pipeline contains many exciting new features and enhancements throughout this year and beyond, so I cannot stress enough the importance our new Software Support and Subscription packages and how they deliver maximum return on investment out of vSpace for your deployments.

I would like to encourage as many of our customers and partners as possible (and those currently exploring vSpace as a potential solution) to reach out to their NComputing representatives and take a look at all of these new offerings as they add tremendous value to the vSpace environment and deliver significant productivity enhancing functionality.

Analysts and media agree - vSpace is a simple, powerful, affordable and scalable desktop and application virtualization platform providing reliable, secure access to critical applications needed everyday. It is not just an alternative for PC expansions or refresh projects; it also enables cost-effective and efficient solutions for high priority initiatives such as adding mobility and BYOD to your IT strategies, and dramatically simplifies the migration from legacy environments such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2008 to Windows 7, Windows 8, and newer versions of Windows MultiPoint Server and Windows Server too.

I just wanted to make sure everybody is aware of our product advancements in the  virtualization market., As you seek out solutions to your top IT challenges and goals I encourage  you to explore and take advantage of  the many new benefits available for you in our portfolio of solutions to meet your specific needs.

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