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English primary school halves technology costs with NComputing’s desktop virtualisation solution


Colyton Primary School in Devonshire is representative of many schools in the UK looking to optimise ICT in order to improve teaching and learning, whilst at the same time working within tightening budgets.

The school previously had in place desktop computers that were over 10 years old. This proved a serious hindrance to lessons, with each PC booting up at different times and server updates taking hours to implement. Nic Harris, the school’s headteacher, was even spending his evenings and weekends conducting ICT maintenance tasks and software updates.

The school was looking to make a long term investment in e-learning systems that were hardwearing enough to avoid the need for regular replacement. They also needed to be able to support a range of education software including Softease and the 2Simple suite, plus web applications running multimedia content from the BBC and Scratch.

Colyton worked with Alchemy Systems, a provider of ICT business support in the southwest of England, who advised the school to implement NComputing’s desktop virtualisation solution. The NComputing vSpace Platform, combined with the L-series, gives schools, like Colyton, the flexibility and power needed for straightforward maintenance and management of ICT, as well as use of high quality video within lessons, at a highly competitive price point. 

Following the implementation, which was coordinated and run by Alchemy, pupils easily adapted to the new technology and are now enjoying regular lessons which incorporate e-learning. As Nic Harris explains: “There has been a great reaction from both teachers and pupils alike and thanks to the NComputing solution, ICT within the school has come along leaps and bounds.”

The school has changed beyond recognition, with an improved learning environment for the pupils. There is wider access to e-learning throughout the school and teachers can access valuable materials which enhance the learning experience. To find out more about this project, read the full case study here.


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The classroom is beautified with young people's starting compelling artwork, a specific creating with envisioned spelling, and stories guided by children to teachers.

Adolescents study numbers and the letter set in the setting of their normal experiences. Plants, animals and significant activities like cooking, taking support, or serving nibble give the premise to learning exercises.

Kids perform the errand and have stretched out times of time to play and research. Worksheets are used little if whatsoever.

Children in elementary school have sufficient energy to play outside every day. Outside play is never offered for extra instructional time.

Kindergarten teachers scrutinize books to adolescents freely or in humble packs for the span of the day, not really at gathering story time.

Preschool educational module is intended for the individuals who are ahead and also these who oblige additional fill some valuable need. Elementary school instructors recognize that kid's exceptional qualities and exercises imply that they don't mull over the same things in the meantime in the same way.

Children and watchmen look ahead to class. Gatekeepers feel secure concerning sending their little child to the kindergarten or preschool. Children are euphoric to go to grade school; they don't yell reliably or protest of learning about wiped.

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