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eLearning Africa - Kenya’s Institute of Advanced Technology Increases ICT Access


Africans have worked with us and our local partners to create their own innovative solutions for widening access to information technology in education and training for several years now. In the run-up to the continent’s most important event on ICT in education – eLearning Africa – we’re looking back on some educational success stories with our desktop virtualisation solutions in Africa.

The Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) is a hugely successful national training institute focused on providing access to technical education and skills to promote innovative thinking. IAT had over 380 PCs available in training centres and classrooms but these were becoming unreliable, requiring ongoing maintenance and replacement. To be successful the institute wanted to increase ICT access while reducing the high operational costs associated with PCs. They looked at traditional thin client solutions but found that many were complex, required additional third party components and extra technical support. NComputing’s end-to-end desktop virtualisation is a cost effective solution for IAT. It allowed an increased number of workstations while also reducing the costs of adding new terminals by 40% per seat and achieving significant savings in operating and capital costs. NComputing also is helping make IAT a greener institution with increased computing access being delivered with reduced power consumption.

To find out more about how NComputing is supporting ambitious African e-learning projects meet us at eLearning Africa or find more here on the Kenyan IAT story.


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It's great to see African countries are progressing and making efforts to facilitate students with technical education. Order Essay. Access to IT is necessary for students to become the future architect of their society.

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