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Commentary - Can Technology Change Education?

Recently Fast Company posted an article: Mission: Give XO Computers To All The Kids! That’s what One Laptop Per Child promised. Seven years later, the ambitious program is just finding its way...

How a Virtual Desktop Deployment Can Help You Go Green

TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop's Serdar Yegulalp talks about how virtual desktop deployments can help you go green. He says: "There are a lot of in-vogue ways to help protect the environment, but you probably didn't realize that implementing virtual desktops is one of them. Using less of anything means saving cash too -- so reducing your organization's carbon footprint with virtual desktops can be both economically and ecologically sound.


Enterprise Customer Successes Showcased at Synergy 2012 Barcelona

Six months is a long time in the virtual computing market or so it seems from the speed of developments since Citrix Synergy 2012 this spring in San Francisco.

Back in May 2012 , NComputing responded to Citrix’s challenge for HDX Ready SoC thin clients with the introduction of the new N-series and the N400 thin client device. We had products to showcase, but naturally no customers to talk about.


NComputing Delivers the N-series to Address the Cost and Complexity of Enterprise VDI

NComputing has always focused on delivering a simple, high performance solution at an unmatched price point.  For most of our customers, vSpace and its hardware and software clients provide a great balance of functionality, ease of use and deployment, and affordability.  In environments like SMB, midmarket, and across education, our solutions represent the most cost effective and low maintenance way to deliver high quality computing to end users.


NComputing to Spotlight First to Market HDX Ready Thin Clients from NComputing at Citrix Synergy Barcelona

Following on the heels of our highly successful Synergy event in San Francisco, NComputing will be a Platinum Sponsor at Citrix's Synergy Conference in Barcelona.  With a breakout keynote by Gabriele Sartori, we will present a technical session on the advantages of using a System-on-Chip to support HDX environments.  The stand will feature hands-on demonstrations of the HDX Ready SoC N-series thin clients in real-world and vertical industry-specific deployments using Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, and VDI-in-a-Box environments.


Finding money in your budget because of the N-series: What breakthrough price/performance can mean to your organization.

What would you do if you could drive a Maserati for the price of a Fiat?  What else would you do on your vacation if you could still stay at the Four Seasons but pay the price of the Holiday Inn?  Better yet, what would you do if you found out that you could pay an entire month’s worth of bills with a single paycheck rather than two?  You’d probably be thrilled.  And you can now do the same thing for your Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, or VDI-in-a-Box implementations – and use a next-generation thin client that delivers 100% HDX at 1/3 the cost.