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Commentary - Can Technology Change Education?

Recently Fast Company posted an article: Mission: Give XO Computers To All The Kids! That’s what One Laptop Per Child promised. Seven years later, the ambitious program is just finding its way...

Can technology change education? Certainly yes, and One Laptop Per Child did the job of generating more awareness around the need for technology to better education around the world. But a laptop per child isn’t the only or the best way anymore. Desktop virtualization accomplishes the goal of giving every child 1 to 1 access to computing that’s more efficient, scalable and affordable for both the short and long term. Desktop virtualization is already transforming education, in developing countries around the world and here in North America, where low income school districts have little funding for new technology. Many among us are committed to bringing technology innovation to education: one child, one school, one city and one country at a time, working together to spark change around the world. It’s a subject close to my heart: See TedX 2012 Keynote.

 - Raj


Between now and 2020, the trend will continue, spreading cutting-edge technologies to every corner of the country and beginning to make innovations once consigned to the realm of science fiction real for millions of Americans. Specifically what can we expect? Solar power on steroids, longer lives, the chance to get rid of obesity once and for all and portable computing devices that start becoming part of your body rather than being held in your hand.

What will drive all this accelerating change is precisely what has driven it this past half-century: the exponential growth in the power of information technology, which approximately doubles for the same cost every year. When I was an MIT undergraduate in 1965, we all shared a computer that took up half a building and cost tens of millions of dollars. The computer in my pocket today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful. That's a billion-fold increase in the amount of computation per dollar since I was a student.

That incredible force - information technology that moves faster, then faster, then faster still - will power changes in every imaginable realm over the next decade.

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Yeah! I am agreed with you that technology change education and we are getting a lot benefits from it.
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I agree with this issue. Technology can change the education big time. I think this is high time now to bring some drastic change in education department.
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We have agree on a point that education have totally change the education system.
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There are a lot of advance technologies since the 1950's. One being the cell phone. Another being the computer. It started out taking up a whole room and now in today's time they are smaller, faster, carry more memory, better processing speed, how wireless internet capabilities etc.
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I concur with you. Advancement can change the preparation big time. I think this is high time now to get some remarkable change guideline division. Online assignment help

In my opinion technology can surely education because when there would be any advancement in technology,education will be changed automatically.

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