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NComputing Delivers the N-series to Address the Cost and Complexity of Enterprise VDI


NComputing has always focused on delivering a simple, high performance solution at an unmatched price point.  For most of our customers, vSpace and its hardware and software clients provide a great balance of functionality, ease of use and deployment, and affordability.  In environments like SMB, midmarket, and across education, our solutions represent the most cost effective and low maintenance way to deliver high quality computing to end users.

But organizations have different priorities and need solutions that offer different levels of scalability.  Because of that, desktop virtualization has many flavors ranging from simple Microsoft RDS all the way to full-fledged enterprise VDI sold by Citrix and VMware.  IDC states that Terminal Services-oriented solutions predominate, but VDI-oriented solutions have tremendous visibility and perceived momentum.  VDI solutions can provide high levels of functionality and security – but momentum has slowed in the enterprise because of the cost, complexity, and poor performance of available thin client offerings.  A recent study by Cowen and Company confirms that the cost of the endpoint and their complexity are in the top 3 drivers and barriers for VDI deployments.

Enter the NComputing N-series: A New Approach to Reducing Cost without Compromising Performance

The N400, N500, and N500w N-series devices are all built around NComputing’s third-generation Numo™ 3 System-on-Chip – the newest member of the same family of SoC technology that powers the L300 and M300 devices.  Built to support all flavors of Citrix Desktop Virtualization technologies, these HDX Ready devices deliver 100% of the HDX experience at a breakthrough price, as low as 1/3 the cost of existing HDX-capable endpoint offerings.  The entry-level N400 is optimized for task workers, providing a high quality experience leveraging server-side processing.  The N500 and the N500w are fully optimized for knowledge workers, providing a full HD video and PC-like experience client-side rendering capabilities to offload the central servers.  Each of these devices has built-in management agents, allowing them to be used by the new vSpace Management Center, built from the ground up to be a simple and powerful tool for managing thousands of remote devices. 

Now supporting Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and VDI-in-a Box environments in addition to our traditional vSpace desktop virtualization solutions

Citrix customers around the world are already adopting the N-series to support their XenApp, XenDesktop, and VDI-in-a-Box deployments.  These deployments include the following markets and use case examples:

  • Healthcare:  A major European city is deploying N-series devices as an alternative to PC’s and other thin clients to support its public health operations. 
  • Manufacturing:  In order to support online work orders, a major construction company is moving to N-series devices, allowing them to support a widely distributed operation from centralized locations.
  • Call centers:  A regional telecommunications company is deploying N-series devices to support its call center operations.  With the goal of fully rolling out Citrix across its infrastructure, the initial deployments are focused on providing a low maintenance and high performance workspace.
  • Oil and gas:  A regional oil company needs to support workers in remote locations where the connectivity is less than ideal.  The N-series devices are providing an excellent price/performance combination to allow them to deliver virtual desktops from the central data center into an environment with no local IT personnel.
  • Professional services:  An international law firm is able to deploy high performance workspaces to its staff using the N-series and reduce not only the cost of computing but also allow efficient centralized management.

What does this mean to you as NComputing customers and supporters? 

  • First of all, this market gives NComputing a broader footprint in the industry and an opportunity to accelerate our business.  Because there is tremendous leverage between our thin client and management offerings, we can advance these technologies even more quickly. 
  • Second, for those customers committed to vSpace but also using Citrix, you now have a next-generation offering that provides 100% of the HDX experience at a breakthrough cost.
  • Finally, this is another sign of NComputing’s increasing pace of innovation.  During 2012 alone, the company has released 7 new or updated offerings, including vSpace Client for Windows software and the M300 thin client.  Also, we have invested in raising the quality and scope of our customer support and to build out the NComputing Community too. 

Our commitment is to deliver breakthrough value across our entire customer base.  Whether you are a long-time vSpace user or just starting to evaluate desktop virtualization, the N-series and the broader focus will ensure that we have solutions to meet your needs as your business evolves.


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