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How a Virtual Desktop Deployment Can Help You Go Green


TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop's Serdar Yegulalp talks about how virtual desktop deployments can help you go green. He says: "There are a lot of in-vogue ways to help protect the environment, but you probably didn't realize that implementing virtual desktops is one of them. Using less of anything means saving cash too -- so reducing your organization's carbon footprint with virtual desktops can be both economically and ecologically sound. NComputing, for example, allows many users to share a single desktop PC's resources across multiple thin clients. The maximum number of clients varies depending on the PC, but that means a single PC can support up to around 100 users."  

This week, NComputing presented the Governor of Puerto Rico and Sandra Torres, President of Telecom of Puerto Rico with a Go Green Innovation Award. Using NComputing devices deployed in over 200 internet cafes and schools across the island territory, they have saved 348,800 KW hours of electricity – or over $70,000 in electrical costs in the first year of deployment, a 91% reduction from traditional PCs. With additional deployments scheduled they estimate over a period of 5 years they could save over $15MM in electricity costs and over $24MM in hardware costs as well. 
How's that for Green Computing? Stay tuned for many more NComputing success stories like this to come.


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