Police agencies worldwide lock down computing costs with NComputing solution

Law enforcement agencies secure affordable results with virtual desktop solution
REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., June 9, 2008 – NComputing, the leading provider of desktop virtualization software and hardware, today announced significant new deployments in police agencies worldwide. With computers playing an increasingly central role in law enforcement, access to databases, electronic communications, and information management software applications is critical. While these new tools for law enforcement agencies increase efficiency, they also increase IT costs and strain already stretched budgets. As a result, law enforcement agencies from Asia to America are choosing NComputing to increase computing access while cutting IT costs.
“We had a lot of desktops running all day doing nothing, so we wanted to consolidate our computing power without reducing access for our officers,” said John Barbuto, IT Support Technician for the West Melbourne Police Department in West Melbourne, Florida. “We found NComputing to be a very good solution because we were able to implement a virtual machine approach that actually increased access, while cutting the number of PCs in the office. With fewer physical computers to maintain, supporting the PCs is more efficient.”
A police agency in Seoul, Korea that must remain anonymous due to security concerns, says it relies on NComputing to affordably provide secure Internet access because their office productivity systems aren’t allowed to have Internet access, again for security reasons. This agency found it could cut its costs while quadrupling access by deploying the NComputing solution. Another police department in Indonesia has increased PC access with NComputing solutions without increasing its IT budget.
The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. NComputing’s virtualization software and hardware tap this unused capacity so that multiple users can simultaneously share it. Each user’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse connect to the shared PC through a small and very durable NComputing access device. The access device itself has no CPU, memory or moving parts like a PC so it is rugged, durable, and easy to deploy and maintain.
“We are especially happy with the results we’ve gotten from the NComputing software,” added Mr. Barbuto. “The control panel is simple to use, and lets me see which users are logged in, and where they are located. I can see IP addresses to confirm if they are still active, and even send a restart message directly from the control panel. Using the Remote Access feature lets me fix application problems, enabling the department to streamline IT Help Desk problems. I can also broadcast messages to the entire station, which has improved our internal communications. Best of all, we have reduced the need for additional PCs, and may actually finish this year with money left over in our IT budget.”
“With the growing need for PC access in law enforcement, our virtual desktop solutions are a logical choice,” said Stephen Dukker, Chairman and CEO of NComputing. “Because the vast majority of law enforcement computing applications don’t use anywhere near all of the power of today’s PCs, more and more of these agencies stretch their computing dollars by sharing it with NComputing desktop virtualization.”
With the NComputing X300 model, seven users can simultaneously share a single computer, while the company’s L-series supports up to 10 users on a basic computer, 30 on a mid-range system, and hundreds with server virtualization. A breakthrough in green computing, NComputing access devices consume as little as 1 watt per user, versus 115 watts for a PC. Support costs plummet because fewer servers or PCs are needed and the solid-state NComputing access devices require little or no maintenance. More than 600,000 NComputing seats have already been sold to 15,000 organizations in over 80 countries, slashing their computing costs by as much as 70% and electric consumption by 90%. A detailed calculator that helps potential customers determine their budget, total cost of ownership, and green impact are available on the NComputing website.
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