NComputing Expands in Brazil to Serve Demand for Low-Cost Computing



NComputing Expands in Brazil to Serve Demand for Low-Cost Computing

Millions of children around the world use NComputing every day to participate in the digital age

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., July 23, 2008 – NComputing, the leading provider of low-cost desktop virtualization software and hardware, today announced that it is expanding in Brazil with additional staff to meet increasing demand for its low-cost computing solution. The NComputing solution enables a school or business to maximize its investment in PCs by enabling 7 or more people to share a single PC with the same performance but at a small fraction of the cost.

Government leaders at both the state and national level understand the value of building a 21st century work force by bringing more computing access to the schools, but the purchase cost and maintenance—especially in rural and underdeveloped areas—has been a tremendous challenge. The NComputing solution reduces purchase costs by at least 50% and maintenance costs by 75% so that schools can quickly and affordably provide computing access to their students. NComputing systems have been successfully installed by over 10,000 schools for their computer labs and classrooms in over 80 countries and are used by an estimated five million students on a daily basis. NComputing products are assembled and distributed exclusively by ORY Solutions Group in Brazil.
The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of its capacity. NComputing’s desktop virtualization software and hardware tap this unused capacity so that multiple users can simultaneously share it. Each user’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse connect to the shared PC through a small and very durable NComputing access device, which recreates a true PC experience. The device itself has no CPU, memory or moving parts so it is easy to maintain and very durable.

“NComputing is a proven solution that has been deployed around the world because it enables budget-constrained governments and school systems to greatly expand computing access at a fraction of the cost,” said Raj Shah, chief marketing officer of NComputing. “With revolutionary pricing and performance, the benefits of virtualization are now available to every type of organization—from K-12 schools to colleges and universities; from local municipalities to national governments; and from small business to global enterprises.”

NComputing has been growing rapidly in Brazil for several years, mostly focused on business customers who want to maximize their computing investments. Because of its success in the business market, Brazilian government organizations and NGOs are showing interest in taking this award-winning solution to the classrooms across Brazil.

“We are seeing tremendous interest in our solution in the education sector because we help bridge the digital divide that exists between rich nations and developing nations when it comes to affordable computing access,” said Stephen Dukker, chairman and CEO of NComputing. “With NComputing, educators and government leaders can double computing access for the same budget—the students are happy, the teachers are happy and the technology budgets are maximized.”

In addition to low purchase and support costs, the NComputing solution is also ecologically beneficial. NComputing access devices only use 1 watt of electricity (compared to 110 watts for a regular PC). This makes NComputing the greenest computing solution on Earth. For developing nations with budget-constrained governments and schools, the lower electrical usage also means lower operating costs. This allows governments to reallocate scarce electrical generation capacity and meet greenhouse gas commitments. For example, for every five million NComputing systems installed, it saves 3,700 megawatt hours of electricity and eliminates 2.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gases over 5 years. The NComputing access devices are also eco-friendly because they only weigh 150 grams (compared to 9.6 kg for a PC). At the end of a five-year computer life, disposing of small NComputing devices (instead of bulky PCs) would result in 40,000 fewer metric tons of e-waste.

The company has won numerous technology, education and green computing awards, including Gartner Cool Vendor for Client Computing, Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, Red Herring Top 100, VARBusiness Five-Star Partner, Mexico’s Expo Comm SMB Award, and IT World Canada Top 5 Businesses to Watch.

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