16,000 Georgia Students to Benefit from NComputing Virtual Desktops


REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., February 4, 2009 – NComputing, the leading provider of ultra low-cost computing, today announced that Dougherty County School System (DCSS) in Georgia has launched an aggressive program to expand computer access for its 16,000 students.  DCSS is using NComputing virtual desktops connected to low-cost PCs running the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. 

Dougherty County School System, in rural southwestern Georgia, suffers from the same economic conditions as the rest of the country. However, the district recognized the need to upgrade and expand computing access for its students and faculty.  It faced a difficult purchasing decision as budgets were tightened even further. The IT team and administrators sought out low-cost computing alternatives to stretch the budget and lower ongoing support costs. The combination of NComputing virtual desktops installed on PCs with the Windows Server OS and terminal services licenses delivered the absolute lowest acquisition and operating costs.

“NComputing saved us tens of thousands of dollars just on our initial hardware and software investment,” said Les Barnett, Educational Technology Coordinator with DCSS. “With the affordable educational pricing on Windows Server, we had a very cost-effective solution. But that’s just the beginning.  We’ve noticed that the number of IT-related problems we’re called upon to fix have fallen off dramatically.  We haven’t had a single instance of NComputing hardware failure or overall PC breakdowns.”
“NComputing is simple to deploy and it was also easy to maintain,” said Barnett. “We thought a server OS deployment would be complicated, but we discovered that the NComputing solution using Windows Server was easy. All of our applications are running smoothly in the Server environment. The system is so stable that our teachers can keep their computers running with very little support from our IT staff. We also found that NComputing and Windows Server improved our overall system management.”

“Combining Microsoft Windows Server with NComputing brings the cost of computer access lower than any laptop or desktop solution. I applaud communities like Dougherty County who value technology in education and seek out creative ways to expand computer access in these tough economic times,” said Stephen Dukker, CEO and chairman of NComputing.

The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications use only a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. NComputing enables a single PC to be virtualized so that many users can tap the unused capacity and share it as if each person had their own computer. More than one million NComputing seats have been deployed by 25,000 organizations in more than 100 countries.

The NComputing devices mount on the back of monitors, so DCSS was able to purchase sturdy, inexpensive utility tables for its computing needs instead of costlier computer desks. This saved thousands more while students enjoyed more desktop space for books and papers.

NComputing’s solution also solves another significant problem for many districts.  The heat generated by PCs can make classrooms and computer labs too hot for students to work and study comfortably. NComputing access devices use just 1 to 5 Watts of electricity and generate almost no heat.  Now rooms are much cooler, which reduces the need for air conditioning, which can be a huge expense for schools.  Lowering energy consumption can also qualify school districts for utility company incentives.

“NComputing has completely changed the game. We have made more workstations available to our students and improved their user experience, while lowering our costs and cutting our energy use. We are committed to the NComputing solution, and will eventually equip all of our labs and classrooms this way,” concluded Mr. Barnett.
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