NComputing Passes Two Million Seat Milestone and Innovates with Breakthrough Virtual Desktops


Introduces first ever USB-connected virtual desktop client and 5th-generation vSpace software


Redwood City, CA, October 14, 2009 -- NComputing Inc., the worldwide leader in desktop virtualization, today announced that it has sold over two million seats of its virtual desktops in 140 countries. Demand for its $70-$200 virtual desktops has accelerated as budget-strapped businesses, governments, and educational organizations turn to NComputing to lower costs. Further transforming the desktop computing model, NComputing today announced the industry’s first USB-connected virtual desktop client and the release of its fifth-generation vSpace desktop virtualization software.

NComputing’s early success was in the education sector, where it most recently achieved 15% of U.S. K-12 desktop computing purchases. With the economic downturn, commercial enterprises such as banks, retailers, and manufacturers have increasingly turned to NComputing to help them cut computer purchase and maintenance costs. NComputing customers typically cut their computing costs by 75% and electricity costs by 90%. In the recently ended third quarter, NComputing won over 100,000 enterprise seats, including Kumi Manufacturing Alabama.

“Reliable and highly efficient technology at low prices are critical to Kumi Manufacturing Alabama,” said Gregg Sandlin, IT manager for Kumi. “NComputing gives us enterprise-class computing at a fraction of what it used to cost. We chose NComputing because their virtual desktops are easy to deploy and manage, and they make it easy to save money while automating our factories and offices.” Kumi Manufacturing Alabama is part of Kumi Kasei Co, a tier-one automotive manufacturer based in Japan.

NComputing technology virtualizes a user’s desktop computing experience so that it can be accessed in a variety of ways. For example, multiple users can connect to their own virtual desktops that are all running on a single computer. Small NComputing access devices connect users either directly or over a long distance to the computer hosting their virtual desktop. These devices use just 1 to 5 watts of electricity - compared to 110 watts or more for a standalone PC - reducing electric bills, cooling costs, and carbon emissions. NComputing virtual desktop technology can also be used for single-user applications like 1:1 VDI and PC blades for large enterprises, digital signage at airports, and multi-monitor usage in call centers.

“The global economic crisis has made low-cost, smart computing an imperative for every CIO,” said Stephen Dukker, chairman and CEO of NComputing. “Our virtual desktops redefine the economics of computing.”

The two new products announced today are the industry’s first USB-connected virtual desktop client and vSpace 5, the fifth generation of NComputing’s desktop virtualization software.

The plug-and-play USB virtual desktop (Model U170): NComputing continues to expand its lineup of innovative solutions with the introduction of the industry’s first USB-connected virtual desktop client. The revolutionary U170 plugs into a computer’s USB 2.0 port, and with vSpace, enables additional users to share that computer. Each U170 delivers a high-definition multimedia experience and has connections for the user’s own monitor, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, and other USB peripherals. The U170 draws only 2 watts of electricity and is powered through the USB cable, so it does not require a separate power adapter. Multiple U170’s can be connected to a computer either directly or through a USB hub. The U170 is extremely easy to set up and can be installed in under five minutes. It will be particularly useful for small businesses, branch offices, and schools. These environments often lack dedicated IT staff for networking and PC maintenance, but still need a rich PC experience for each user. The U170 is the latest in NComputing’s industry-leading virtual desktop portfolio, which also includes the Ethernet-based L-series and the PCI-based X-series virtual desktops. Each U170 is priced under $99 (varies by region), and will be available before year end.

New NComputing vSpace 5: The new NComputing vSpace software builds on four generations of easy-to-use, efficient, and scalable desktop virtualization software for multiuser and remote computing. By tightly integrating NComputing hardware with vSpace software, NComputing uniquely delivers a high-definition multimedia virtual desktop at a disruptively low cost. The new vSpace adds support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 enabling users to share a single computer at the same time in multiuser and 1:1 VDI implementations. vSpace 5 also supports Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems for digital display systems, multi-monitor, and remote KVM extension. Other new capabilities in vSpace include virtual network adapter creation and assignment, automatic host-system failover, and group device deployment and management. These new features make vSpace ideal for enterprise customers who demand a reliable and scalable virtual desktop computing solution. vSpace licenses are included with each NComputing virtual desktop device. vSpace 5 is available in beta today and will be released in mid-November.

"Both commercial and governmental organizations are looking for compelling virtualization solutions that can dramatically cut their acquisition and support costs," said Bob O'Donnell, VP of Clients and Displays at technology analyst firm IDC. "Enterprise customers who are looking for new and cost effective alternatives for desktop computing cannot afford to ignore the new offerings from NComputing."


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