NComputing Advances Multiuser Computing with Windows Server Technology


New NComputing USB virtual desktops running on Microsoft Windows Server Technology, provide cost-effective multiuser computing solution

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Redwood City, CA- November 17, 2009 - NComputing, a global leader in desktop virtualization, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to align with the Microsoft Windows Server technology platform for multiuser computing.

NComputing has made a commitment to develop the next generations of NComputing vSpace software products to take advantage of current and future Microsoft Server operating systems for multiuser computing. Microsoft fully supports this effort and will provide technical support during NComputing's engineering development efforts.

Initially, the collaboration with Microsoft is aimed at helping educational institutions take full advantage of multiuser computing on the Windows Server platform. NComputing and Microsoft share a commitment to advance multiuser or shared resource computing to make it easier for teachers and students in libraries, labs and classrooms to gain access to a genuine Windows experience at a lower total cost of ownership.

"NComputing lets schools get the most from their desktop computing investment so they can focus on educating the leaders of tomorrow," said Will Poole, co-chairman of NComputing. "Our multiuser computing solutions have been installed by tens of thousands of schools and colleges around the world. With our Microsoft collaboration, we will use multiuser computing to further improve computing economics and bring computer access to millions more students and teachers around the world."

"We are excited that our collaboration with NComputing will be able to help educational institutions increase appropriately licensed access to technology through multiuser computing in labs, libraries and classrooms," said Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft.

To simplify multiuser computing for customers, NComputing will help customers understand licensing policies to ensure the benefits of properly licensed software and reduced complexity. All customers need is one easy Microsoft server operating system license for the host computer and appropriate client access licenses for each user station in order to run multiuser configurations. Microsoft's Windows Server products are the only Microsoft operating systems designed with the scalability, security and licensing rights needed for this solution

NComputing recommends that customers use Microsoft's Windows Server for multiuser computing, bringing world-class security, reliability and performance to educational computing. For example, NComputing's new USB-connected devices and vSpace software will support the new Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 (WMS) platform, which was announced last week with availability early next year. By using the new Microsoft WMS with NComputing’s ultra-low cost devices, educational institutions will be able to dramatically reduce their computing costs and expand access to computing.

NComputing expanded its lineup of innovative multiuser solutions last month with the introduction of the industry's first USB-connected client. The revolutionary U170 plugs into a computer's USB 2.0 port, and with NComputing vSpace software, enables additional users to share the excess resources on that computer. Each U170 delivers a high-definition multimedia experience and has connections for the user’s own monitor, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, and other USB peripherals. The U170 draws only 2 watts of electricity and is powered through the USB cable. Multiple U170’s can be connected to a computer either directly or through a USB hub.

Over the past few years, multiuser computing has emerged as a significant trend, particularly in educational institutions worldwide. This computing architecture allows a customer to tap into a computer's excess capability to enable a single host computer to support multiple users simultaneously. Multiuser computing is ideal for educational institutions that are looking to:

  • Provide more students with computing availability at a lower overall total cost of ownership and get the most out of their existing technology investment.


  • Give teachers the time and tools to provide a personalized learning experience for each

    student using familiar technology

  • Manage and support a secure IT infrastructure with little or no dedicated supporting IT resources.


  • Cut electricity and carbon footprint by sharing computers.

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