“Nothing works as fast as NComputing’s thin client system and nothing even comes close to how easy the system is to support and maintain. We haven’t had to do any work on a student device the entire year, which is pretty incredible. That’s freed up our time to work on other things and has generated huge savings in terms of support time. It’s like nothing I’ve ever supported before. I’m completely sold on this thin client.”


El director de la Escuela Dr. Modesto Rivera, el Sr. Domingo Leduc del Valle tenía una visión muy simple para su escuela. “Como todos sabemos, la tecnología avanza a la velocidad de la luz. A medida que la tecnología mejora, también aumenta la necesidad de educar a nuestros hijos. Se lo debemos a ellos que cuando los estudiantes crezcan y dejen las escuelas que efectivamente sean capaces de comunicarse en el mundo de trabajo, habiendo aprendido en los últimos equipos y software de aplicaciones.”


The director Dr. Modesto Rivera Elementary School, Domingo Leduc del Valle, had a simple vision for his school. “As we all know, technology moves at the speed of light. As technology improves, so does the need to educate our children. We owe it to them to assure that when they grow up and leave the school, they are able to communicate effectively in the world of commerce, having learned on the latest equipment and software applications.”


Aging computers create drag in classrooms

Nelson County Schools was struggling with outdated computers across all of its campuses. Nearly 70 percent of the student workstations were more than five years old, creating an array of problems and adversely affecting user experience. In some cases it was taking five minutes or more just to login at the beginning of class, making it difficult for teachers to keep students focused.



Mit viel Erfahrung und großem Erfolg betreut die Weiterbildungsakademie gGmbH Dresden (WAD) seit 20 Jahren Schüler von der Bewerbung über die medizinische und kaufmännische Ausbildung bis hin zum Berufseinstieg. Sie vermittelt jährlich über 500 Schülern soziale und fachliche Kompetenzen und verfolgt das Ziel, eine stetig hohe Jobvermittlungsquote bei seinen Absolventen zu erreichen. Am Medizinischen Fortbildungszentrum der WAD qualifizieren sich pro Jahr rund 3000 Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten sowie Angehörige anderer medizinisch-therapeutischer Berufe weiter.


About WAD

Since 20 years Weiterbildungsakademie gGmbH Dresden (WAD) successfully coaches students from the application process through medical and commercial education to to their career entry. Every year WAD teaches 500 students social and professional skills with the goal of a high job placement rate for their graduates. At the medical school 3000 physical and occupational therapists as well as other medical professionals and therapists get educated.