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The Avcilar Hospital has been providing health care in Istanbul, Turkey since 1998. “Using the latest computing technology in all office departments and in the hospital’s operating and surgical unit is very important,” says Mr. Ersin Soygüzel, manager of the hospital’s computer department.

Avcilar Hospital

The NComputing L-series provides access to all Avcilar Hospital employees.

PCs break

Mr. Soygüzel explains the technical difficulties that the Avcilar Hospital was facing: “It was difficult to manage and maintain all the PCs that were being used throughout the hospital.” He also says that “even the failure of a relatively minor computer part, such as a fan, would require expensive and time-consuming maintenance and, more importantly, long downtime while the PCs were being fixed. The hospital had to find a solution to manage all computers centrally. Lack of resources simply made it impossible to maintain all PCs throughout the hospital, and maintenance costs were driven even higher because each PC was using more than 200 watts of electricity. A technological solution was needed that would be easy to use by all staff and could be centrally managed.”

Small, easy, and quiet

Mr. Timurçin Albayrak, an IT administrator from the hospital’s computer department, explains the benefits of using NComputing products: “When we started to use the L-series we were able to connect to all user computer screens and assist them remotely by using the NComputing software. The other advantages are that it is smaller than a PC, it doesn’t take as much space on our desks, and it is much easier to move and maintain than a PC. It also works soundlessly, which is very important in the hospital environment.”

A more productive staff

By turning to NComputing L-series access terminals, the Avcilar Hospital was able to provide new and secure computer access to all of its employees. The IT department staff is able to effectively manage their time and staff due to centralized management. NComputing delivers significant up-front cost savings, as well as ongoing support and maintenance savings. Through a more efficient and effective deployment of technology, the Avcilar Hospital is now more productive and also deploys their resources more effectively. The solution improves the secretaries’ work area by removing the bulk, heat, and noise of box PCs. Avcilar Hospital was very pleased with the initial deployment and subsequently deployed NComputing products throughout their adjoining school, and in all of the doctors’ rooms and administrative offices.


Provide an economical solution that addresses maintenance and electricity costs and keeps all of their computers up and running.


Install the NComputing L-series allowing the hospital to easily assist all of its users with a small size and energy-efficient solution.


Allowed computing access to all of its employees and the extension of access to doctors’ offices and patient rooms. Enabled cost savings so significant that NComputing products were also installed in the hospital’s school.


Enabled by Dojop Technologies, an NComputing distributor in Turkey.

“We tried the NComputing L-series and immediately saw that it can be installed quickly and simply. Maintaining the L-series was also easy. And of course, the cost was significantly less than a regular PC.”

Mr. Ersin Soygüzel

Manager of Avcılar Hospital ’s Computer Department

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