The UANL College of Dentistry sees more than 10,000 patients a month thanks to NComputing technology.



The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) is the third-largest university in Mexico, and the most important public institution of higher education with the best academic offerings in Northeast Mexico. It has approximately 153,000 students, served by 5,896 instructors.

UANL College of Dentistry

The UANL College of Dentistry currently has 2,850 undergraduate and 120 graduate students.

Within the College there is the Screening Clinic, whose function is to make clinical records and treatment plans available to the public as needed.

The L300 terminals are used either to see full-screen, DVD-quality video, or to connect special USB 2.0 devices. The L300 has the power and versatility to work in different environments as needed.

Thanks to installation of the NComputing L230 terminals in the 21 mobile units of Clinic No. 1 for Admissions and Screening, average monthly consults and screenings reached 10,000, performed by 200 students and serving a total of 91,586 patients in the 2012 school year.

Clinic No. 2 for undergraduate periodontics deployed 27 NComputing L300 terminals, which serve 2,850 undergraduate students in the first phase of implementing electronic patient records.

The L300 equipment is maintenance-free. Once deployed, no applications, software or controllers are needed to administer the devices. The vSpace Server takes care of firmware changes without user intervention. This enables students to do their work without system outages.

“In the future, we plan to outfit the other screening clinics with this solution, which will continue to expand throughout our sites, where deployment of NComputing virtual desktops has been vitally important to providing sufficient and efficient service to users,” states Doctor Rosa Isela Sánchez Nájera, Director of the College of Dentistry.

The L300 is an innovative thin-client device for virtual desktops. Its elegant, practical, energy-efficient design enables it to be easily mounted to a monitor or fastened to a desk. With NComputing Numo System on Chip (SoC) technology, the L300 costs less than any other thin or ultra-thin client options, and is only a quarter of the cost of a traditional computer. Allowing up to 100 L300 user sessions to connect to only one NComputing vSpace Server, the combination offers a simple and powerful virtual desktop solution for a third of the price of traditional alternatives.

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Develop the electronic patient record program for two clinics in the College of Dentistry: “Admissions and Screening” and “Undergraduate Periodontics,” and eventually for the 20 other clinics in the College.


Implementation of the electronic patient record began by deploying only 50 NComputing L230 and L300 terminals in mobile care units: 23 in Clinic No. 1 for Admissions and Screening, and 27 in Clinic No. 2 for Undergraduate Periodontics.


The UANL became the first university in Mexico to implement virtual desktops in the clinic system, achieving outstanding optimization of exam time for users, as well as financial savings of up to 75%.


The 50 NComputing L230 and L300 terminals installed in the two clinics are supported as follows:


Supermicro 7047R 1.


Xeon E5-2620 with 16 GB of RAM, with a 2TB SAS RAID 5 hard drive.


Windows Server 2012.


Web Local and NetClinic, an application used for screenings and general public care.

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