NComputing Drives Desktop Virtualization into the Mainstream with Launch of $20 Numo System-On-Chip Bringing Windows and Linux Applications to Any Device


Innovative low-cost, low-power SoC provides no-compromise multimedia PC experience on thin clients, monitors, netbooks, smart TVs and more

Redwood City, CA, March 19, 2010 — NComputing Inc., the global leader in low-cost virtual desktops for Windows, Linux, VMware and Citrix, with over 20 million daily users, today announced the launch and immediate availability of its Numo™ family of chips. Numo is an ambidextrous chip that will power consumer applications, such as accessing Google from a smart TV, as well as enterprise applications, such as using Microsoft Windows-based virtual desktops in bank branch offices. NComputing's Numo provides maximum flexibility and choice as modern computing models continue their inevitable transformation and integration between traditional desktops and new models of cloud computing.

"We continue to drive innovation into the market to bring the cost of clients closer to zero," said Stephen Dukker, Chairman and CEO of NComputing. "Our technology has created disruptive economics for the desktop while delivering a rich multimedia experience to education, enterprise, and now consumer users. With this announcement, we expect rapid growth as Numo is adopted by high-volume device providers across the industry."

Numo, combined with NComputing vSpace™ virtualization software, supports Windows, Linux, and Android user experiences with full multimedia and wireless support. Devices powered by Numo have the ability to connect directly to the web and access Internet-based cloud services, eliminating the need for local servers, and take advantage of the rich growing population of Android applications. The integration of Numo-based devices and vSpace software enables ambidextrous operation — no-compromise local and cloud-based multimedia PC experience for consumers and enterprise — combined with low costs that are unmatched in the industry.

Enterprise devices powered by Numo include ultra low-cost virtual desktop thin clients, cloud-based workstations, network monitors, and mobile devices such as netbooks, notebooks, smartbooks and tablets. These devices, in combination with NComputing vSpace virtualization software (which integrates with Windows, Linux, Citrix and VMware VDI installations), provide the high-quality virtual desktops that have already seen rapid adoption with more than 600,000 commercial deployments. In the last quarter of 2009, NComputing virtual desktops won over 100,000 enterprise seats at leading retailers, financial institutions, call centers, manufacturers, and distribution operations, including the re-infrastructure of India's entire Social Security and public healthcare system managed by ESIC with over 31,000 NComputing client workstations in the world's largest virtual desktop and cloud based enterprise application deployment.

Consumer devices powered by Numo will include smart TV's, cable and satellite set-top boxes, media players and ebooks. Numo lets each of these devices, optionally operating with Android 2.1 as the resident Operating System, access the web while also functioning as if they were rich multimedia-enabled Windows or Linux PCs.

Consumer enterprise devices using Numo chips all benefit from a bundled single-user vSpace license, which enables many new markets, such as 1:1 VDI, network monitors, and TVs to access local or cloud-based services. Connecting a Numo-powered device to vSpace software on a local computer or cloud-based server enables it to "light up" with a virtualized Windows or Linux desktop.

"The world of computing has changed forever. Devices powered by Numo now deliver a full PC experience and enable a complete redefinition of clients and the associated costs," said Gabriele Sartori, SVP ASIC Business Unit. "The $20 chip plus under $10 cost in parts can turn any device into a no-compromise multimedia PC running applications locally and across the cloud."

As a case in point, NComputing's partnership with LG Electronics enables the LG line of Network Monitors, which began shipping in 2009. Prototypes of the latest Numo-based Network Monitors were shown by LG at CES earlier this year where LG demonstrated 31 users simultaneously performing rich multimedia computing by accessing a single sub-$1,000 standard PC running vSpace and Microsoft Windows Server. NComputing will announce additional partners this summer, including industry leading PC, monitor, and TV manufacturers.

"Our customers are taking into account not just the purchase price of computing, but also long-term costs connected to IT support, maintenance and electricity," said Ron Snaidauf, Vice President of Commercial Products, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. "Combining NComputing technology with our market-leading monitors creates the optimal solution for today's cost-conscious businesses."

Technical Details and Availability
Numo is a highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) that features a dual-core ARM CPU; embedded media processors supporting dynamic bandwidth management, multiple protocols and codecs including UXP and H.264; Windows-compliant graphics subsystem and a complete complement of device interfaces for graphics, serial, parallel, USB, SD, I2S, I2C and more for integration with enterprise and consumer devices. NComputing plans to support Microsoft's recently announced RemoteFX technology, when available.

NComputing is also announcing the first public showing of its first Numo-powered virtual desktop clients at Interop from April 25-29, 2010 in Las Vegas. At the conference, the company will be demonstrating rich multimedia functionality with VMware, Citrix, Windows, and Linux. NComputing will give away over 1,000 of these devices at the show to allow IT professionals the opportunity to experience this remarkable technology first hand. Numo-based virtual desktop clients will be available for purchase from NComputing and leading vendors in Q2 of 2010.

NComputing's early success was in the education sector, where it most recently achieved 15% of U.S. K-12 desktop computing purchases. With the economic downturn, commercial enterprises such as banks, retailers, and manufacturers have increasingly turned to NComputing to help them cut computer purchase and maintenance costs. NComputing customers typically cut their PC acquisition costs by 75%, operating costs by 75% and electricity costs by 90%.

About NComputing
NComputing, Inc. is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world with over 20 million daily users in 140 countries. The company's award-winning, patented technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing. To learn more about NComputing, visit

The NComputing solution takes advantage of the fact that today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of users only need a small fraction of the computing capacity. NComputing taps this unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously shared by many users. Each user's monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to a small and highly reliable NComputing thin-client device, which is then connected to the shared PC. NComputing's award-winning vSpace desktop virtualization software provides each user with a rich multimedia computing experience and their own computing session.

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