NComputing Unveils the Future of Computing


NComputing Unveils the Future of Computing, Officially Launches $70 Shared Computing Solution that Delivers Full PC Functionality

NStation technology enables the next billion users

SAN DIEGO, DEMO FALL 2006, Sept. 25, 2006 -- NComputing, Inc. today officially launched the NStation, a complete shared-computing solution that delivers full PC functionality for $70 per user. Based on patented technology, NStation, a combination hardware and software solution, enables even low-end PCs running either Windows or Linux to support multiple, simultaneous users without compromising the user experience.

NStation enables simultaneous sharing by tapping into the unused computing cycles of today’s PCs. “Today’s personal computers have become so powerful that with the exception of 3D gaming and video rendering applications, only 10-18% of their processing power is used at any given time,” said Stephen Dukker, Chairman and CEO of NComputing, Inc. “The rest of the time, the computer sits idle. Our products put all that wasted power to work.”

By Myrna Nickelse, Bob Kane, Gear Seven
Ncomputing press release | Sept 25, 2006

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