Twenty Nine African Nations Empower Growth and Education with NComputing $70 Computing Solution


NComputing CEO will deliver keynote at summit to be opened by Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade


REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., May 7, 2009 – Educators and government ministers from throughout Africa will gather in Dakar, Senegal for Africa’s principal conference on educational technology.  At the conference, NComputing CEO Stephen Dukker’s keynote address will explore how African nations are bridging the digital divide using low-cost shared computing technology. Mr. Dukker will present “From Info-poverty to Empowered Growth: The Promise and Progress of Shared Computing in Africa” during the opening session of eLearning Africa on May 28, 2009. eLearning Africa will be officially opened by the President of the Republic of Senegal, His Excellency Abdoulaye Wade. 


The eLearning Africa conference, to be held May 27-29, 2009, gathers ministers of education, senior government leaders, non-governmental organizations, school and university educators, developmental agencies, and key business executives. They exchange ideas, learn about new educational technologies, and share best practices for introducing and expanding educational technology in their communities. Last year, the conference drew more than 1,500 attendees from 80 countries on the African continent and beyond.


Mr. Dukker’s speech focuses on the impact of bringing affordable computing access to change the lives and career aspirations of students in developing nations.  The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. NComputing allows many users to tap the unused capacity and share it at very low cost. The devices use just 1 watt of electricity which makes NComputing the greenest computing solution on Earth. It is also a model for sustainable, energy-efficient computing for regions of the world where access to power is too expensive, unpredictable, or non-existent.


NComputing’s ultra low-cost computing solution is used by millions of people in more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. The technology was selected by the Republic of Macedonia for the nation’s massive, 180,000-seat educational computing initiative. The project, which put a computer desktop in front of every school-age student in the country, is the world’s first nationwide 1:1 educational computing and is based on the Ubuntu Linux platform.  At the conference, Ms. Rozalinda Stojova, of Macedonia’s Center for Education and Development, will present the findings of her study of Macedonia’s project planning, deployment, and long-term results. Her presentation is titled “Macedonia's Computer for Every Child Initiative: Lessons Learned and Implications for Africa.”


NComputing has been selected for major educational deployments in Africa, India, Europe, and Latin America. In Africa, 29 countries including Angola, Algeria, Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe have deployed NComputing solutions in schools, businesses, and government offices.



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