1 Watt Green Computers Qualify for Valuable Energy Rebates


$70 NComputing virtual desktops qualify for electric utility rebates in U.S. and Canada

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., May 19, 2009 — NComputing announced today that large electric utilities in the U.S. and Canada have qualified NComputing products for substantial purchase rebates and rate discounts because they consume as little as 1 watt of electricity per user. NComputing is the world’s leading provider of ultra low-cost computing, and the adoption of NComputing into energy rebate programs reflects a growing recognition that NComputing virtual desktops are also the ideal green computer.

Progressive energy companies reward conservation, and a growing number are recognizing the value that NComputing brings to their customers and the environment. NComputing has already qualified its virtual desktops for rebate and discount programs with utilities that serve millions of customers in California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, and Wisconsin and Manitoba in Canada. The company is also working with non-utility agencies, such as the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Development and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, who have also qualified NComputing products for special energy-reduction incentives. NComputing has created a centralized resource on their web site to track these programs, and will work with other utilities that offer rebates and incentives to customers who migrate to green computers.

The rebates cover all or a portion of the purchase price of NComputing products. Seattle Light, for example, offers a $25 rebate on each NComputing device so the net cost of adding a computer drops to $45 per seat. San Diego Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison  offer rebates that range all the way up to full product cost.

The rate discounts enable customers to save money each month through lower electricity rates. For example, Duke Energy offers an $.08 per kWh rate reduction. "Custom Rebates are a great way to encourage people to adopt a solution like NComputing. Duke Energy customers want to save energy – it’s a great way to save money and help the environment," said Rob Jung, Trade Ally Rep for WECC/Duke Energy Incentive Program. "As long as there is a peak electric reduction, Duke will provide incentive. We'd be perfectly happy if every business and school qualifies for these rebates."

 The global implications of the NComputing solution for the environment are enormous. Worldwide, there are 850 million PCs in use, and each one requires at least 110 watts of electricity. If NComputing systems were used at a ratio of six seats to each PC, energy use would decline by over 120 billion kilowatt hours per year. That would reduce CO2 emissions by 96 million metric tons – the equivalent of planting 460 million trees. NComputing also reduces e-waste. The devices weigh just a few ounces (compared with 20 pounds for an average desktop PC) and could reduce e-waste by 6.7 million metric tons per year.

“NComputing is working closely with our customers to apply for and secure rebates from their local energy companies,” said Stephen Dukker, CEO and Chairman of NComputing. “We already provide the most affordable energy-efficient green computers, and energy rebates make our solution even more attractive.”

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NComputing, Inc. was founded with the goal of making desktop computing affordable for everyone. The company's award-winning patented technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing.

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