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NComputing evolves and benefits from additional resources with ZeroDesktop’s Cloud and Mobile Computing business.


We are excited to announce that, as of Monday, February 23rd   2015, certain core assets of NComputing, Inc. have been acquired by ZeroDesktop, Inc., a leading developer of next generation Cloud Computing solutions.

Young Song, the original founder of NComputing, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Buyer and Richard Sah, ZeroDesktop co-founder, is joing as Chief Product Officer to lead all new product development.  Existing NComputing customers and partners will see ZeroDesktop continue to support the NComputing brand, for the assets it has acquired.

ZeroDesktop is committed to supporting NComputing’s 70,000 customers and their 20 million users in 140 countries. On a daily basis the 20 million users of NComputing’s vSpace desktop virtualization platform regularly access Windows and Linux desktops from over 4 million NComputing thin-client devices. To continue to support and develop for these customers ZeroDesktop will retain the NComputing employees and will continue to be dedicated to the NComputing product business.  Now, with over 100 employees worldwide, ZeroDesktop is well positioned to continue the leadership position that NComputing developed in the market as the #1 thin-client vendor in APAC and the #3 thin-client vendor worldwide (IDC, 2014).


Back to Basic Core: Simple, Powerful, Affordable!

Over the next 12-months ZeroDesktop is committed to making investments in developing the NComputing product roadmap for the vSpace virtualization platform, thin-client hardware and software clients to access the vSpace Server Software.

The new software roadmap includes major new releases of the vSpace Server Software for both Windows and Linux desktop virtualization, vSpace software clients for Chromebooks, iOS and Android tablets along with HTML5 browser support to  extend the reach of the vSpace desktop virtualization solution to any end point device.

New updated versions of NComputing’s hardware thin-clients for vSpace are planned that will provide new features that customers have been long demanding.  And, the Citrix HDX 3D Pro certified N-Series enterprise thin clients will be enhanced with new models with enhanced features and the option of additional, third party thin client protocol support.

We were very pleased to be able to complete the first two product releases from this roadmap, for vSpace Server Software 8.1 and vSpace Management Center 3.6, in February, 2015 during the acquisition by ZeroDesktop, Inc.

During the next few weeks we will be announcing the next major update to the vSpace Server Software for Windows that will not require separate management services.


About ZeroDesktop

ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a leading developer of next generation Cloud Computing Solution, Cloud Storage Service Brokerage and Mobile Apps for Telecoms, ISVs, OEMs and SMB.

The ZeroDesktop Infrastructure aggregates scattered digital content from local storage, network drives and cloud services providing unified access by PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

ZeroDesktop is privately held, is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has over 100 employees worldwide with development centers in Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe. The core management team consists of seasoned veterans in the industry with combined experiences in hardware and software technologies. ZeroDesktop’s Cloud technologies have been adopted and deployed by many leading Telecoms, OEMs and ISVs in Europe and Asia.

To meet the new management team please click here.



How is ZeroDesktop funded?

ZeroDesktop is a privately held company that is 100% funded through private investments.

Who do I contact for support now?

There are no changes being made at this time to the current support process for NComputing products. You can continue to obtain support for your NComputing products from your existing support contacts.

I need to purchase additional thin clients and/or software licenses for my existing vSpace deployment, who do I contact?

There are no changes being made at this time to the current supply chain for NComputing products. You should continue to purchase from your current supplier of NComputing products.

Exactly which NComputing products will ZeroDesktop continue to support?

ZeroDesktop has acquired the rights to sell and support the vSpace Server Software, vSpace Management Center, vSpace Client and all hardware thin clients including the L-Series, M-Series, X-Series thin clients for vSpace and the enterprise class N-Series for Citrix.

What about oneSpace, can I still purchase, or obtain support for oneSpace from ZeroDesktop?

Unfortunately, no. After careful consideration ZeroDesktop decided not to acquire the oneSpace product. As such ZeroDesktop is unable to sell, or support, the oneSpace solution.

I purchased NComputing thin client hardware products within the past 12-months, what happens to my warranty?

We will be honoring all existing hardware warranties – no additional costs will be incurred by the customer. All existing and new RMA issues will be resolved through your normal support channels.

I purchased NComputing software and support products, what happens to my support agreement?

With one software product exception we will be honoring all existing support contracts – no additional costs will be incurred by the customer. All existing support inquiries will be responded to.

ZeroDesktop did not acquire any rights to the NComputing oneSpace product, as a result we are unable to provide support for this product.

Will ZeroDesktop continue to develop a roadmap for and support all NComputing products?

With the exception of the NComputing oneSpace product, which ZeroDesktop did not acquire the rights to; we are fully committed to roadmap support for the VSpace Server virtualization platform and our hardware thin client roadmap for both vSpace and other enterprise thin client protocols. This year will see a plethora of new features and new product offerings being introduced under the new ownership (click here for details). This will be a profitable business that will continue to fund new investments in product enhancements and future new product development.

I am an NComputing partner, distributor or reseller; how does this acquisition affect me?

ZeroDesktop has no plans to make any changes to the existing NComputing partner program as a result of the acquisition.

About the author

David Miles brings over 35 years of industry experience in marketing, product management, business development and computer engineering to NComputing. He has a wealth of thin client and virtual desktop experience for the ultra-high security solutions used by government intelligence agencies and commercially oriented solutions for enterprise and education markets. Prior to moving into marketing and product management David’s background is in engineering management, system and hardware design for the telecommunications and medical imaging markets.