Migrating Off of Windows XP Made Easier with NComputing vSpace


Take control of your XP migration before it takes control of you

If your company is still running on PCs and Windows XP, don't wait until you feel the pain of XP End of Service. Let us show you how an upgrade of your infrastructure using the vSpace thin client solution from NComputing will reduce short- and long-term costs and maintenance.

Topics covered:

  • Why you should consider server-based computing and thin clients
  • Why vSpace is preferred by organizations with tight budgets and limited IT expertise or staff
  • How hardware repairs, software maintenance and energy costs are reduced by using vSpace
Jeff Birnbaum
Product Marketing Manager
Jeff Birnbaum joined NComputing in 2014 as a Product Marketing Manager for the vSpace product line. Prior to working at NComputing, Jeff was with VMware’s End User Computing Division as a technical marketing engineer, and before that was a marketing executive with eG Innovations, a developer of end-to-end performance monitoring systems. His career in IT spans over 30 years with roles in marketing, sales, business development, project management, product specification, and user interface development.