In 2010, Computer Aid International, a London-based charity established a solar-powered cyber café called ZubaBox in Zambia as part of the organization’s efforts to increase information technology access in rural areas of developing countries. Computer Aid International is the world’s largest, and most experienced, not-for-profit provider of practical Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for international development and has distributed more than 180,000 restored PCs in Africa and Latin America.


Valley Yellow Pages is the largest independent phone directory publisher in Northern California and the third largest independent publisher in the nation. Headquartered in Fresno, California, Valley Yellow Pages maintains 16 sales offices throughout Northern and Central California and publishes directories to households and businesses that reach more than 14 million people.


WiniaMando is a large South Korean home appliance manufacturer with a mission to become a globally recognized brand. To maintain their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, they run their own business operations call center. In order to handle the many customer calls that they receive, each call center employee needs access to a PC. However, maintaining and supporting all of those desktops drained the company’s resources. They spent too much time and money keeping the machines up and running.


Storm Group, a Danish marketing company, recently expanded their business model to provide telemarketing services to its customers. To be successful, Storm Group would need to build out a complete call center with dedicated computers that would allow call staff to rapidly access sales and marketing information as well as input customer and deal information. For their initial deployment, Storm Group turned to ITX, an NComputing Danish partner, to replace their obsolete PCs with NComputing’s state-of-the-art virtual desktops.


Die Mitarbeiter in einem Callcenter benötigen an ihren Arbeitsplätzen leistungsfähige IT-Infrastruktur, um ihre Aufgaben effizient erledigen zu können. Im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Arbeitsplatz-PCs bringt hier eine virtuelle Desktop-Lösung viele Vorteile.



BEC IT Solution Co., Ltd. is the IT solutions arm of the BEC World Group of 28 companies involved in broadcasting, media, TV program sourcing, and production. It is best known for its Thai TV3 television group. They faced a challenging situation: support the computing needs of a diverse set of employees across all subsidiary companies, while operating efficiently and economically.


Leveraging new technology is a key competitive edge in manufacturing. Legacy systems and outdated computers are quickly replaced to drive increased productivity from the company office to the factory floor. Fleetwood Industries, a furniture manufacturer based in Holland, Michigan, was typical in that it still had old ‘green screens’ and an outdated network that could only run limited manufacturing applications.


“Los clientes de NComputing optimizados para Citrix HDX ofrecen una solución simplificada para obtener ahorros substanciales a mediano y largo plazo.”