Republic of Macedonia leads the world in education transformation


‘One Computer for Every Student’ vision nears completion after three year partnership between Macedonia Ministry for the Information Society and NComputing

Skopje, Macedonia/Redwood City, CA USA: June 7th 2010NComputing, the world’s largest and fastest growing desktop virtualization company, today announced it has strengthened its partnership with the Macedonian Ministry for the Information Society. NComputing is to provide an additional 60,000 virtual desktops for deployment in Macedonian schools. This brings the total number of NComputing virtual desktops in Macedonian schools to 200,000. The move further delivers against Macedonia’s vision of providing One Computer for Every Student.

As a result of the partnership between the Government of Macedonia and NComputing, virtually every elementary and secondary school student in the nation now has access to his or her own classroom computing device. This is made possible by NComputing's multi-user virtual desktop software and low-cost virtual PC terminals.

NComputing Chairman and CEO, Stephen Dukker, officially made the announcement during his presentation to Eastern European ministers and education leaders at the ICT in Education Leaders Conference in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. As well as outlining the successful partnership between NComputing and the Macedonian Ministry for the Information Society, Dukker shared his vision of the worldwide impact and ongoing benefit of desktop virtualization.

The One Computer for Every Student initiative is the largest and most important education project undertaken in the 15-year history of the Republic of Macedonia," said Ivo Ivanovsky, Minister of Information Society of the Republic of Macedonia "Our goal is to build a knowledge-based economy in which our entire workforce is educated in using information and communication technology. By adopting NComputing's low-cost virtual PC technology, Macedonia is taking the lead in providing computer-based education for school children."

Said NComputing Chairman and CEO, Stephen Dukker, "Today’s PCs are so powerful that even low-end machines are often used at less than 5% of capacity. NComputing takes the 95% unused capacity and transforms it into computing power that is then given to people who otherwise would not have access to a PC. This innovation not only delivers PC type environments at a fraction of the cost, it also massively reduces maintenance and energy costs. We are leading potentially the biggest revolution in PC availability and economics in history; and are able to do this by partnering with visionaries such as the Government of Macedonia.”

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