NComputing's New Xtenda X300 Desktop Expansion Kit Allows Three Additional Users to Share One Host


NComputing's New Xtenda X300 Desktop Expansion Kit allows Three Additional Users to Share One Host PC; New System Builder/OEM Product Leverages Altera's Low-Cost FPGA Family to Reduce Hardware and Networking Cost for SOHO Users

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ORANGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 6, 2006--NComputing, Inc., an emerging technology provider of "desktop streaming" technology and completed network solutions, introduces the new Xtenda X300 expansion kit. The Xtenda X300 allows up to three additional users to share one "host" PC for a maximum of four total users. This is possible thanks to a proprietary, multi-user technology implemented with Altera Corporation's Cyclone Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), NComputing's own terminal server software and Direct WoIP (Windows over IP) terminal protocol.

Each Xtenda X300 expansion kit includes one PCI card, three RJ45 output ports and three terminal boxes to connect via a CAT5 cable. The host PC and three X300 terminals run simultaneously and independently and unlike Thin Clients, expensive server software is not required. And, there are no hassles configuring a router, switch or a hub. Just load the included software and they're plug and play. The only requirement is that all users must be within 25-45 feet of the host PC, perfect for small businesses, home offices, school rooms and medical environments.

"The new Xtenda X300 is a terrific product for system builders and OEMs because it delivers an affordable alternative for SOHO users who need a solid network and high performance," said Young Song, co-founder and CEO of NComputing, Inc. "Thanks to Altera's innovative Cyclone FPGAs, we are able to deliver tremendous multi-user capability in a compact form."

"NComputing's products exemplify the significant innovation that Altera customers are delivering to end users and nearly every industry," said Mike Strickland, director of Altera's computer and storage business unit. "By leveraging low-cost Cyclone FPGAs in an inventive way to provide PC capability at a new low price point, NComputing's products are attracting a new range of customers to the market, opening PC usage to a whole new audience."

Installation of the Xtenda X300 expansion kit is hassle free; simply plug the included PCI card into the "host" PCs PCI slot and connect each X300 terminal box to the PC via a UTP cable. The X300 terminal boxes are noise-free and they also save energy costs. Each Xtenda kit includes the Xtenda terminal server software suite free of charge and no additional third-party software is required to run, only occasional software updates. The Xtenda X300 expansion kit is compatible with Windows(R) Professional(a), Windows(R) 2000 Professional(a), Windows(R) Media Center Edition(a) and most Linux(R)(a) operating systems.

Pricing and Availability

The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Xtenda X300 kit, which allows three additional users to connect to one host PC, is $249 and it's backed by a solid 1-year limited warranty. The Xtenda X300 is available now for select system integrators and for all others end of Q1 2006.

About NComputing, Inc.

Headquartered in Orange, Calif., NComputing is a privately held, emerging technology provider offering a new way to expand a network in the home or business. Its proprietary desktop streaming technology allows users to create multiple computing terminals for simultaneous use from one host PC. NComputing provides completed network computing solutions to users through its proprietary multi-user technology embedded in its NCS 16C42 SoC (System on Chip) device, NCT terminal server software and WoIP (Windows over IP) terminal protocol.

NComputing's PC Expanion product family includes the L100, the company's flagship Ethernet product. The PC Expanion is available for purchase today at Best Buy (NYSE: BBY), PC Connection (NASDAQ: PCCC), and TigerDirect/Systemax (NYSE: SYX) for North American consumers. For more information about NComputing, visit

(a) This product is intended to reduce hardware and networking maintenance costs. Additional software licenses may be required by the software manufacturer.

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