NComputing presents the new L230 and L130


NComputing recently passed a big milestone: we have now shipped over half a million systems!

We are remaking the PC access market, and are bringing computing to more students in more schools in more countries every day. With increased interest from small and large businesses, we have two new products—the NComputing L230 and L130 access terminals.

• The NComputing L230 boasts widescreen and 24-bit video support, a microphone jack, and a USB port—all in a compact chassis that attaches to most monitors.

• The NComputing L130 also has the same widescreen support and the same compact chassis, but contains no microphone jack or USB port (for better security).

We believe cost should not be a barrier that keeps people from participating in the information economy. As the global leader in multi-user computing, NComputing will empower a billion more users to get PC access by tapping into the vast untapped power of standard PCs. We invite you to take a look at the new L230 and L130 and see how they can help you with your computing needs.

Click here to see the L230 and L130

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