NComputing New vSpace Client Delivers Breakthrough Simplicity and Power for Affordable Mobility and BYOD


REDWOOD CITY, California, March 20, 2012 -- NComputing, the world leader in end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions, today announced immediate availability of vSpace Client for Windows. This innovative software client transforms PCs, laptops, netbooks and tablets into high performance NComputing virtual clients, delivering secure anytime anywhere access to corporate desktops or selected applications running on a central host. vSpace Client for Windows leverages the powerful vSpace Server software to scale to 100 users sessions on a single host PC or server. IT departments can now support key initiatives - mobility, BYOD, remote access and Windows 7 migration - with far fewer resources and leveraging existing and legacy computing equipment. vSpace Client ensures a rich and powerful user experience while providing IT with all the capabilities, flexibility, and cost advantages of centralized desktop management.

"The virtual client computing market has come of age in the past couple of years and is expected to approach $2.7 billion by 2015," said Al Gillen, Program VP, System Software at IDC. "NComputing's vSpace Client software fills in an important functional role and broadens the ability of NComputing to serve its existing customer base as well as stimulate new market opportunities. Empowering NComputing users to easily deploy both hard and soft virtual desktop environments, at a compelling price/performance ratio, fits well into NComputing's solution set."

With 50,000 customers and more than 3 million virtual desktops deployed globally, NComputing leads the industry in delivering simple, powerful and affordable virtual desktop solutions. Already beta tested at more than 1,000 customer sites, vSpace Client is so simple to download and install that customers are usually up-and-running in 15 minutes. Customers can either extend existing NComputing vSpace deployments using a combination of thin clients and software clients, or deploy a software-only solution that leverages their existing Windows-based equipment. Future plans for vSpace Client software include versions for iOS and Android devices. Importantly, vSpace Client gives NComputing channel partners more extensive set of solutions to help their customers leverage mobility and BYOD for their business advantage.

"Even in the short time we've been using it, we are already seeing the value provided by vSpace Client," said David Hoyt, Technology Director at Mesik Consolidated Schools. "I can see how adding PC access to our vSpace servers gives much more flexibility in how they can work. I can even dust off PCs left for dead and I can do this without additional staff or effort. We're looking forward to seeing what else we can do with the soft client."

vSpace Client for Windows delivers the following benefits:

Mobile and remote access allowing users to access their desktops and key applications from any Windows desktop, laptop, or netbook anywhere, anytime

BYOD capability that transforms user-owned devices into virtual desktop clients

Eases Windows 7 migrations by delivering a Windows 7 environment to existing PCs while allowing IT to control individual upgrades

Extends the life of PCs by allowing customers to repurpose aging PCs into powerful virtual clients with a rich PC experience

Reduces pressure on IT by bringing the benefits of centrally managed virtual desktops to PCs distributed across sites and organizations

Safe and secure by enabling centrally managed deployment with pre-determined access rights so that data does not reside on the client

Evolve to centrally delivered services by using software clients on existing Windows devices as a first step into desktop virtualization

Fast time to value because customers can deploy thousands of virtual desktops in days rather than weeks or longer

"vSpace Client for Windows is another of example NComputing innovating to deliver breakthrough value and immediate impact to our customers," said Raj Dhingra, CEO of NComputing. "Response from the global beta program has been phenomenal: our customer base estimates that they will expand their vSpace deployments by as much as 40% using vSpace Client. NComputing customers are gaining even more flexibility and delivering more value to their end users while embracing mobility and BYOD initiatives."

vSpace Client for Windows is available immediately from the online NComputing store and from channel partners worldwide. Customers may download and install the client for free on any number of devices, paying only for concurrent user access to vSpace Server. Pricing starts at $499 for a 5-user license. Volume discounts are available through either NComputing or authorized resellers.

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