NComputing Launches sub-$100 USB Virtual Desktop at CES


World's first USB-connected thin client brings plug-and-play simplicity to desktop virtualization

Las Vegas, NV - November 17, 2009 - The hottest trend in computing is desktop virtualization and California-based NComputing continues to set the standard for the rest of the industry. NComputing, which has already sold more virtual desktops than VMware, today launched the industry's first USB-connected virtual desktop (model U170) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The revolutionary USB virtual desktop is based on the simple fact that today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of people only use a small fraction of their PC processor's capacity. The U170 thin client taps this unused resource so that a computer can be simultaneously shared by many users.

  • The U170 plugs into a standard PC's USB port, and with vSpace (NComputing's virtualization software, which is included) enables another user to share that PC.
  • The U170 has connections for the additional user's own peripherals, including keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
  • Up to nine U170's can be connected to a single PC and still provide a high-definition multimedia experience for every user.
  • The U170 is extremely easy to set up and is ideal for schools, businesses, small offices, branches, and anyone that needs very low cost computer access.

"NComputing is completely revolutionizing the economics of desktop computing," said Stephen Dukker, NComputing's chairman and CEO. "We've already proven that there's a huge market for desktop virtualization in larger organizations that have an IT department. And now with the U170, everyone can take advantage of the full power of their PCs."

"We've been using the NComputing products for several years and have been extremely happy with the low cost and great multimedia performance," said Jeff Thompson, IT administrator at EMSL Analytical, Inc., a leading US environmental testing firm. "The new NComputing U170 will make it even easier to install new stations or move them around - this is the future of desktop computing."

Affordable, High Performance, Easy Set-Up
NComputing has emerged as the global leader in desktop virtualization because it has built the only seamless solution that overcomes the three barriers to wide-scale adoption: high cost, poor performance, and complex setup. NComputing systems start at $70 and provide a perfect, rich multimedia user experience. And with the launch of the USB-connected U170, it now takes as little as 5 minutes to add another computing station.

The U170 is the latest in NComputing's industry-leading virtual desktop portfolio, which also includes the Ethernet-based L-series and the PCI-based X-series. Unlike other desktop virtualization solutions, which offer either the hardware or the software, only NComputing provides both the hardware and the virtualization software in a seamless solution.

Lowered Operating Expense
Over 2 million NComputing virtual desktops have been sold around the world. In addition to lower purchase costs, NComputing also lowers ongoing operating expenses. For example, NComputing devices only use 1 to 5 watts of electricity (compared to 110 watts or more for a stand-alone PC), resulting in a 90% cut in electricity costs. NComputing also shrinks the crippling cost of PC obsolescence by reducing the number of PCs that need to be replaced every few years.

Pricing and Availability
The U170 will be available through NComputing's global dealer and reseller network in February and will be priced under $99 (prices may vary by country).

NComputing has won numerous prestigious awards for its technology, from The Wall Street Journal, Frost & Sullivan, CES, Gartner, PC Quest, and others.

About NComputing, Inc.
NComputing, Inc. is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world with millions of users in 140 countries. The company's award-winning, patented technology lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution for leveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing. To learn more about NComputing, visit

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