NComputing Embraces Windows MultiPoint Server


Under desktop virtualization partnership with Microsoft, NComputing will make its full line compatible with new shared-computing operating system

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (February 24, 2010) - NComputing, the global leader in virtual desktops with over 15 million daily users, today announced that the company’s full product line will support the new Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 operating system from Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). NComputing virtual desktop kits are based on the company’s vSpace desktop virtualization software and are available in three product lines which are designed to bring ultra low-cost computing to customers ranging from enterprises to small businesses, as well as schools, NGOs and governments.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 works with vSpace as an economical platform to deliver virtual desktops to low-cost thin clients with pricing and performance that will be attractive to a wide range of customers.

California School Sets Up NComputing / Windows MultiPoint Server Lab

Rheem School in Moraga, California set up a lab based on Windows MultiPoint Server with NComputing vSpace software and U170 (U-series) clients to the delight of faculty, staff, administration and teachers.

  • The new shared PCs run considerably faster and more reliably in the new lab than the four year old PCs run in the older lab.
  • The 30-seat lab was set up in a matter of hours because of the simplicity of installing the Windows MultiPoint Server operating system on 5 shared PCs and the NComputing USB plug-and-play clients.
  • The Windows MultiPoint Server and NComputing combination is the most cost-effective way to give Rheem’s students a state-of-the-art Windows 7 user experience.

The NComputing Product Line

NComputing has three product lines, which are based on how the thin clients connect to the PC/server.

  • The X-series, which connect through a PCI card, and which deliver superb multimedia at the lowest possible cost.
  • The U-series, which is the simplest solution to connect, because they just snap into standard USB ports. They deliver top-notch multimedia at very low prices.
  • The L-series, which connect through standard Ethernet networks, and as such deliver the most flexible architectures and configurations.


"The strong support we’ve already seen from NComputing will be instrumental to the development of valuable, innovative solutions for the Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 platform," said Ira Snyder, general manager, Windows MultiPoint Server at Microsoft. "The creation of shared resource computing solutions like NComputing's using Windows MultiPoint Server will provide even more policymakers, teachers, and students with access to affordable, security-enhanced, and easy-to-use technology."

"In just three years, NComputing has established itself as the only desktop virtualization company that delivers ultra-low cost, with great performance, and in a variety of models that allow customers to buy the perfect solution," said Stephen Dukker, CEO and chairman of NComputing. "The new Microsoft and NComputing partnership is helping us deliver even more choices for our customers. This will expand the market even faster than it has been growing."

"We researched many virtual desktops over the past year," said Courtney Guinn, Director of Instructional Technology. "We were impressed by the simplicity of the NComputing and Windows MultiPoint Server solution and the fact that it required no new infrastructure."

"The thing that kills us over time is that PCs have to be replaced every four years or so. So even if we get a good budget one year in ten, it creates an obligation that we can't afford to keep up with. By sharing PCs with Windows MultiPoint Server and NComputing, we’ve drastically reduced the amount of money we need to keep up," said Guy Seltzer, district Network Administrator


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