NComputing Advances Virtual Desktop Computing With New Zero-Footprint L-Series Access Terminals


REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 12, 2007) - NComputing, Inc., provider of the world's most affordable solutions for PC access, today announced new additions to its L-series product line. The new L230 and L130 access terminals extend NComputing's leadership in delivering a rich PC user experience while dramatically reducing the acquisition, integration, maintenance, and energy costs of computing. NComputing's breakthrough technology is helping under-served markets such as education and developing countries successfully bridge the digital divide and extend PC access to new users. At the same time, the company's technology is providing an economical new virtual desktop alternative for large and small businesses around the world. Nearly 500,000 NComputing systems have already been deployed in over 70 countries.

The NComputing solution is based on a simple fact: today's PCs are so powerful that they use only a fraction of their computing capacity. NComputing builds low-cost access terminals and software that taps the unused capacity and enables multiple simultaneous user sessions. The L-series access terminals connect to standard monitors, keyboards, and mice, and then connect to the shared PC via standard Ethernet networks.

NComputing's new L-series access terminals now provide zero-footprint PC access with a VESA-compliant monitor mounting bracket for clutter-free computing, along with enhanced audio and video features. Both the L130 and L230 offer widescreen (1440x900) support, and a standard monitor bracket. The L230 adds 24-bit color, a microphone input port and a USB port for memory devices. All NComputing L-series and X-series solutions support both Windows and Linux operating systems, with solutions as low as $70 per seat. NComputing systems are easy and low-cost to deploy and maintain, and are highly energy efficient. NComputing terminals consume only 1 to 5 watts per user, versus 115 watts for a typical PC. Because fewer PCs are needed to enable multiple users, support costs plummet, as the solid-state NComputing terminals themselves require little or no maintenance.

"NComputing has dramatically reduced the cost of PC computing to empower a new generation of users, including the billion people around the world who currently do not have access to PCs because of price," said Stephen Dukker, CEO and Chairman at NComputing. "The new L230 and L130 systems further enhance the PC experience for these users, while also providing advantages for businesses that are discovering the value of NComputing's virtual desktop solution."

Leveraging NComputing's technology, a PC can easily support up to 10 users running typical office productivity applications, and a basic server can support up to 30 users. "With the upcoming quad-core systems from Intel and AMD, the number of users per PC will just go higher while the cost per user will continue to drop," said Dukker.

The L130 and L230 access terminals are available immediately through the NComputing worldwide distribution network. The suggested customer pricing for the L130 is $189 and the L230 is $219.

About NComputing, Inc.

Founded with the goal of making computing truly affordable for everyone, NComputing, Inc. is a privately held technology design and manufacturing company with offices in Germany, Korea, and the United States. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, the company's patented communications and software technologies are designed to improve the price, performance, and energy profiles of modern computing environments. The current product lines deliver virtual PC computing solutions that are affordable enough for even the smallest organization yet powerful enough for enterprise-scale applications.

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