Esse white paper analisa a virtualização de cliente, explicando o seu significado, algumas das diferentes abordagens disponíveis atualmente, e os benefícios adquiridos da implementação de uma solução de virtualização de cliente cuidadosamente considerada, adequadamente dimensionada e bem gerida.

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IDC explains how virtual client projects can offer clear benefits for most organizations when properly understood, scoped, and implemented. In particular, solutions leveraging Virtual User Session software can offer the most compelling cost advantages, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

This white paper examines the key differences between the two dominant client virtualization models and the impact that selecting the right approach can have on the overall economics of a client virtualization project.


"By working with partners such as NComputing with its expertise building thin client solutions for virtualized environments, we are helping enterprises rapidly expand desktop virtualization deployments with new very low-cost devices that deliver a superior high-definition HDX experience for users. NComputing's new thin client line will give our customers a low-cost, high-performance thin client for their virtual desktop environments."


Virtual desktops are revolutionizing the economics of computing. Millions have already saved 75% or more on hardware, 75% on maintenance, and 90% on electricity with NComputing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How desktop virtualization works
  • What makes NComputing different
  • Who is already benefiting, and how you can too
  • And where virtual desktops make the most sense

This introductory webinar is aimed at IT staff and budget owners.


“Our employees... accepted the new devices due to the high performance and they can access their data anytime, anywhere. As a company we are very happy with the easy to use solutions and the low cost of launching for the N500.”


“NComputing products are the ideal solution for any company that needs a centralised management of its virtual thin clients.”


“NComputing’s N400 has the best quality/price ratio on the market. In addition, the ease of integration immediately into our existing systems with zero downtime has delivered immediate ROI. End user acceptance has been unanimous.”