Healthcare: Meeting the challenges of long-term health care

Technology and the Aging Population: How NComputing Meets the IT Challenges of Long-Term Health Care

Today’s PCs are far more powerful than the earliest room-filling computers. They also use less electricity. Arguably the first general-purpose computer, ENIAC drew roughly 150,000 watts of electricity. By comparison, today’s PCs consume about 110 watts. That seems small. But there was only one ENIAC — and there are 850 million PCs in use today. As the population ages, the growth in long-term health care facilities continues to expand. Along with this growth comes the challenge for IT to provide application support and access to health care providers and patients. Providers require the ability to access applications quickly and easily to provide quality care. Patients want the ability to access the internet for email, entertainment, news, and health care information.

This white paper details how NComputing helps IT deliver a computing solution that addresses the need of both the caregiver and the patient through desktop virtualization.