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Director of Marketing
David Miles brings over 35 years of industry experience in marketing, product management, business development and computer engineering to NComputing. He has a wealth of thin client and virtual desktop experience for the ultra-high security solutions used by government intelligence agencies and commercially oriented solutions for enterprise and education markets. Prior to moving into marketing and product management David’s background is in engineering management, system and hardware design for the telecommunications and medical imaging markets.
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NComputing evolves and benefits from additional resources with ZeroDesktop’s Cloud and Mobile Computing business.

We are excited to announce that, as of Monday, February 23rd   2015, certain core assets of NComputing, Inc. have been acquired by ZeroDesktop, Inc., a leading developer of next generation Cloud Computing solutions.

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NComputing releases updates to vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center.

We are pleased to announce the release of vSpace Server Software 8.1 and vSpace Management Center 3.6. These are free software updates for SNS subscribers.

vSpace Server

vSpace Server 8 introduces new features and functionality to support NComputing oneSpace for Android and iOS. vSpace Server adds the following new features and enhancements: