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Powering the Next Wave of Mobility, Introducing the Latest N-series Release


Here at NComputing we are committed to providing exceptional and ongoing value to our worldwide customers. This means engaging in a continual cycle of innovation, customer response and enhancements to our products to offer the very best thin clients for a customer’s Citrix HDX deployment.  

It’s no wonder, then, that NComputing has the third largest market share of thin clients in the world and was recently ranked the fastest-growing worldwide thin client vendor by IDC Research in its “Worldwide Enterprise Client Device Tracker Q2 2013” report. And as today’s new N-series release reflects, NComputing aims to expand their momentum by providing the features that IT needs to support their users in an ever-changing IT ecosystem.

For example, today’s business users are mobile- they’re in the office for half the week and on the road or working from home for the other half. Even though they’re only in the office for part of the week, and even though they rely heavily on smartphones and tablets, IT still has to support those users while they’re in the office- and most users don’t want to work solely from a phone or tablet. They crave a high-performance user experience complete with monitor, mouse and keyboard.

A PC at every desk or a laptop for every user is out of the question- too burdensome on IT’s time and budget, and irrational given the end user’s new reliance on other devices and working remotely. So what’s the answer? Deploy a low-cost, high-performance thin client that supports enterprise-grade wireless technologies anywhere in the office for end users to leverage a few times a week when they’re in. They’re affordable, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and they provide an end user with all the power they need when they’re there without being a burden on IT.

We’ve redefined the price and performance that can be expected from a thin client with the award-winning N-series and we invite you to check out today’s new enhancements. The new release delivers the Citrix HDX experience that end users crave and positions any IT department to meet the challenges of an always evolving IT ecosystem.

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